Three Options For Enhancing Your Car's Engine

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Three Options For Enhancing Your Car's Engine

Three Options For Enhancing Your Car's Engine

23 April 2016
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There are many different components in your car's engine that all contribute to horsepower production. When you're looking to increase horsepower, that means you have many different options for upgrades. The good news is that some of those options are really affordable, making them great options for increasing horsepower without breaking the bank. Here are a few of the things you should think about.

Enhance The Computer

Most new car models contain a chip that is responsible for regulating the engine timing, fuel delivery and all other components and responses. That means that you're limited to only the improvements that the computer chip will permit. If you want to get more horsepower from your car's engine in cases like this, the best place to start may be the computer chip. Through a process known as flashing the chip, you can have it reprogrammed to allow your engine to generate more horsepower through fewer computerized limitations. Just make sure you have it done by a technician because one mistake in the process could disable the engine.

Increase The Air

The engine relies on an air intake to gather the air required for the engine's combustion process. Cold air will flow through the engine faster, which will improve efficiency and can increase the power generated during combustion. A cold air intake is an affordable upgrade that can make a significant difference. The cold air intake system replaces the car's standard air intake. In some engine models, this can be complex to install, so it's best to discuss this upgrade with a mechanic.

Expand The Exhaust

Some drivers don't realize that the exhaust system also contributes to engine horsepower. The slower the exhaust flow away from the engine, the slower your engine will respond in general. Install exhaust pipes with a larger diameter in place of the stock exhaust system to help increase the exhaust flow. Opt for straight exhaust pipes instead of those with the standard bends of traditional exhaust for an even less obstructed flow. This helps the engine balance the intake and exhaust, maintaining the integrity of the combustion process and generating more power.

Any time you're looking to get more power from your car's engine, it's always helpful to start with some of the most accessible components first. These three steps can help you increase the horsepower and general response, and you can work with a mechanic like CIM Motorsports to help you find other areas that have room for improvements and added enhancements.

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