Be A Responsible ATV Rider

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Be A Responsible ATV Rider

Be A Responsible ATV Rider

3 May 2016
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If you want to start riding an ATV, you need to know more than how to drive the ATV and have more than safety gear. You also have the job of being a responsible rider and you need to have the behavior that will let property owners keep their property open to you and other riders. 

Respect All Posted Signs

If a property owner has "no trespassing" signs up on their property, that means that you need to stay off their fields or out of their woods, no matter how inviting they look. Also, some property owners will allow four wheeler trails through parts of their property but not others. Make sure that you follow the signs that show you where you can go and where you can't. All it takes is one person who doesn't have good trail etiquette for a property owner to close off all their property to riders. 

Leave the Trails in Good Shape

Yes, the trails aren't paved, so there are going to be ruts and bumps, but that doesn't mean that you can't leave them off as well as you saw them. That includes doing things like picking up trash you see, not littering, clearing fallen trees off the trail, and staying on the trail. There are four-wheeling clubs that you can join that have trails that they maintain. If you do join one of those clubs, you will also help to groom and maintain the trails. You can volunteer to help the clubs even if you don't join. Maintaining and grooming can include doing things like putting gravel in deep holes or ruts or clearing brush. You could also talk to any property owner to ask them if they would like help cleaning up after a big storm or in the spring. A little consideration goes a long way. 

Keep Others in Mind

On nice days, there are going to be other people out enjoying the trails too. Make sure that you give them enough space. No one is going to have fun in an accident. Also, watch out for people who might be riding horses or for any wildlife. The animals may be spooked by the noise of your motors and may end up getting hurt or hurting others. 

Getting on an ATV on a nice summer's day can be a lot of fun. Just make sure that you are a responsible, polite driver while you are out there having fun. For more tips on how to stay safe or to check out some new ATVs, contact a company like Birdy’s Scooters & ATVs.

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