3 Boot Maintenance Checks To Make After Every Motocross Ride

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3 Boot Maintenance Checks To Make After Every Motocross Ride

3 Boot Maintenance Checks To Make After Every Motocross Ride

28 May 2016
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Your boots are second only to your helmet on the list of important safety gear any serious motocross racer needs, so it's important to protect yourself by protecting your boots from damage and deterioration after every race. With modern motocross boots becoming more and more complex, this can be quite challenging, especially to those just starting out in the sport or to those who just invested in their first high-quality pair of boots. In order to help you stay safer on your bike by wearing fully functional boots, here are three maintenance checks to perform on your boots after every ride. 

The Rinse

The truth is, if you're doing anything more than revving your engine a couple times, there's going to be some gunk on your boots. Leaving this dirt, mud, and grime on your boots can not only discolor them, but can also weaken the plastic components on your boots. In addition, if you've got any steel reinforcements in your boots, these don't take kindly to excess muck. Rinsing your boots quickly and then letting them dry upside down after every wear should keep dirt and mud at bay.

The Rubber/Leather

Of course, your boots won't do you any good if they're constantly falling off during a ride, which is where the rubber and leather on your boots comes into play. If these stretchy, pliable materials get cracked and dry, they can break in the event of a crash or during the rigors of a normal ride. If your leather boots start to show signs of drying out, then a quick rub down with a leather conditioner will do the trick. Rubber can be easily reinvigorated using a rubber conditioner (not the same as your leather conditioner) or simply olive oil

The Sole Check

Perhaps the easiest of these three checks, taking a look at the undercarriage of your boots can save you a lot of time, effort, and even pain down the road. Hard stops, the footrests themselves, and the occasional steadying kick can do a number on the soles of your boots over the course of their lifetime. For this reason, the sole if often the first thing to go on any set of motocross boots, so you'll want to take a good long look at the health of your soles after a long ride. Things to look for that might indicate the need for a replacement include separation between pieces of rubber, separation between the sole and the upper of the boot, and extensive loss of tread on the sole. 

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