Reasons to Buy Waterproof Speakers

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Reasons to Buy Waterproof Speakers

Reasons to Buy Waterproof Speakers

26 September 2016
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Move over Gene Kelly--singing in the rain no longer involves just your voice. Instead, you have some sort of MP3 player and speakers, and if you are going to play it and hear it in the rain, you need speakers, too. To do that successfully, you need waterproof speakers or you might have quite a shocking experience. Here are some situations when waterproof speakers would be an especially good idea.

In the Shower

Dozens of people consider themselves "shower virtuosos," meaning they sing and sing beautifully in the shower. Even if you do not sing but turn on the music to bathe, you need speakers and a music player or radio that will not be the death of you. (Flashback to classic mystery movie scenes where the box radio is pushed into the tub with an unsuspecting victim....). If you use any sort of MP3 or music-playing product, you will want to keep it dry and prevent electric shock therapy. Waterproof WiFi speakers do just that.

On Your Boat or Watercraft/Jet Skis

It does not get any wetter than on the water or skiing through it. That said, if you have to have music when you boat, water ski, or jet ski, your speakers better be waterproof. If they are not, the constant exposure to sprays of water as you move along (or end up underwater when the boat capsizes or you fall off the skis!) will utterly destroy any other speakers you are using. Repeatedly buying speakers that are not waterproof and then using them for water activities and hobbies is futile and expensive.

In the Pool or on the Beach

Finally, relaxing by the pool or on the beach is definitely a situation where you will need waterproof speakers. If you have kids splashing water everywhere, your music device and speakers could get really wet and end up destroyed. On the beach, the tide can roll in when you are not noticing it, and that nice little spot in the sand that you carved out for your music and speakers is suddenly several inches underwater. You can avoid the entire situation by looking for higher ground on the beach, placing your music farther away from the edge of the pool, and using waterproof speakers regardless of where you are and what you are doing. You can buy these kinds of speakers at any motor sports and accessories store.

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