Reasons Why You Need A Go-Kart Stand When You Own A Go-Kart

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Reasons Why You Need A Go-Kart Stand When You Own A Go-Kart

Reasons Why You Need A Go-Kart Stand When You Own A Go-Kart

6 May 2018
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Go-karts are definitely a fun thing to buy, and even more fun to own. In some cities and states, go-karts are street-legal, meaning you can drive them around on the streets, just as you would a normal car. Since go-karts can move just as fast as most passenger cars can, the karts can manage driving in the streets. (They just have to be visible, sport a flag to signal that something else is lower to the ground and up ahead, etc..) If you own a kart, you should also own a go-kart stand. Here is why.

Put Your Kart on Display

If you are not driving your kart, you can always put it on display. A basic kart stand, like the Streeter basic stationary kart stand, is often used to put karts on display at a kart show. If you also customize karts as a hobby, placing the karts on a stand helps potential consumers view your work up close without having to crouch low to the ground.

Make Repairs to Your Kart the Ergonomic Way

Anyone that has ever had to crouch low, bend over, or lift up a kart knows that making repairs on these vehicles is past difficult; it is challenging. When you place your kart on a stand, you are able to stand next to the elevated kart and work around it at a comfortable height. You can also lay down (safely!) under the kart to fix it. Whichever position you take to make repairs or replace parts, it is much easier on your body when your kart is on a stand.

Move Your Kart from Place to Place and Immobilize Your Kart at the Same Time

If you are like most go-karters, you know how tricky it is to move your kart over long distances. There are no trailers designed specifically for go-karts, so you either have to place the kart in the back of a pickup truck or you have to find a way to secure it on the back of a utility trailer. If you want to transport more than one kart, you are completely out of luck because of the width of these vehicles and the fact that they move all over the place in transit. 

Enter the go-kart stand. Stands help you immobilize your karts during long-distance transport. If you wanted, you could rent a semi moving truck, use several kart stands, and move six or more karts at one time. None of the stands would roll around in the truck either. The stands would keep the karts safe and sound in one spot on the truck.

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