3 Essential Accessories To Add To Your SxS

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3 Essential Accessories To Add To Your SxS

3 Essential Accessories To Add To Your SxS

6 October 2021
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A side-by-side utility task vehicle allows you to ride right next to someone while you take on the trails and have some good outdoor fun. When you purchase your SxS, the fun is just getting started. Once you have your vehicle, it is time to add all the right accessories onto it that will make it more functional, safer, and easier to use.

Rearview Mirrors

Your SxS is not going to come equipped with rearview mirrors. Although you will likely not be driving your vehicle out on the street with other cars and trucks, it is still important to have rearview mirrors. With rearview mirrors, you can see what is happening around you, and most importantly, behind you, as you ride. You are more than likely not going to be the only ATV or UTV out on the trails, and with rearview mirrors, you will be able to see when another off-road vehicle is approaching you.

The rearview mirrors are designed to stick in place wherever you want them to go. This will allow you to choose the best spot for the greatest visibility for you. You can even add several rearview mirrors if you want.


Second, when you purchase an SxS, you will not be sticking to just paved roads. You will probably be driving on gravel and dirt roads, and you may take it off the road completely. That is why it is essential to have a winch on hand in your vehicle.

With a winch, you can get yourself out of a tight jam by working with your fellow riders. You can also use the winch to help other riders who get stuck out on the trails. A winch is an essential safety option.


Being out in the open air can be a lot of fun. However, being out in the open air also means that you are exposed to the beating sun all day. This means that when it rains, you will get hit directly with the moisture.

If you want a little more protection from the elements when you are out having fun, you can purchase a roof that you can add to your SxS. When looking at roofing options, look for one that comes with its own mounting gear, has channels to funnel the rain away from your vehicle, and is easy to install.

To enhance the safety and function of your SxS UTV, you are going to want to get the right accessories. A rearview mirror, a winch, and a roof are three essential accessories that will make your off-roading experience safer and more comfortable. Contact an SxS accessories store near you.

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