4 Tips For Riding In Traffic For New Motorcycle Owners

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4 Tips For Riding In Traffic For New Motorcycle Owners

4 Tips For Riding In Traffic For New Motorcycle Owners

13 May 2016
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As a new motorcycle owner, you have a lot to remember every time you get on your bike. Before you start driving in heavy traffic, make sure that you know how to handle lots of traffic while on your motorcycle since driving in traffic on a motorcycle is a different experience than driving in traffic in a passenger vehicle. The following are a few things you need to keep in mind:

#1 Don't Rely Just On Your Mirrors

When riding in heavy traffic, it is important that you don't just rely on your mirrors. Yes, you should check your mirrors before switching lanes or turning. However, you should also look over your shoulder before you make a turn or switch lanes. This will allow you to check out your blind spots as well as gather additional information about what the traffic behind you is doing before you make a move. Make sure that you are checking your blind spot before, and not while, you are changing lanes. This is a rookie mistake that can cost you.

#2 Keep A Finger On Your Brakes At All Times

When riding in heavy traffic, you may need to respond quickly when someone slows down or slams on their brakes without any warning. Cut your response time down by always keeping at least one or two fingers on your brake lever and your foot near the brake pedal; that way, if you get cut-off and have to act fast, you can skip out on the second or two it takes for you to bring your fingers and foot to the brake lever and pedal.

#3 Keep An Eye On Other Driver's Head Movements 

You need to keep an eye on not just what other vehicles are doing, but on what the drivers are doing. Most drivers will turn their head left or right before they move their vehicle in a new direction. By paying attention to how the driver's head moves, you will be able to anticipate their next moves. So when the driver in front of you switches lanes suddenly without a blinker, you will not be surprised because you will have been watching their head.

#4 Make Yourself Visible

Often times when other vehicles get into an accident with a motorcycle, they commonly state that they "didn't see" the motorcycle. You can avoid this happening to you by making sure that you are visible to others. When you ride during the day, turn on your headlight and use it as a driving light, and always have your headlights on at night time.

Make sure that the gear your wear when you ride your bike is brightly colored and easy to spot. Keep the maximum amount of reflective gear on your motorcycle.

When you have to drive in heavy traffic, be ready to respond quickly to unexpected changes, make sure that you are easy to spot, and keep a close eye on other vehicles and their drivers. These four simple tips will help you stay safe in heavy traffic. 

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